Your investment,

step by step

1 - Choice of a property and signature of a reservation contract.

First of all, we will clarify together your objectives and selection criteria: rental investment, residential property, type of property (house, apartment), budget, number of rooms, minimum area, specificities, etc. Based on these criteria, we then make a pre-selection, among the offer of all our Brokers, so that you can make your choice.

Once your choice is made, the property is then reserved, against the payment of a downpayment deposit (between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000).

Our strength: every trimester, we travel to the United States to meet our Brokers to expand our real estate offers.

2 - Purchase Agreement

The Broker sends you by mail a Purchase Agreement to sign and return. Concurrently, the Broker will proceed to the creation of an LLC - Limited Liability Company - a legal company similar to a SCI.

This company, of which you will be associated, will buy the property and therefore limiting the responsibility, in case of risk, to the only value of the assets which compose it.

Specifications of an LLC: It can be created with a unique partner.

Our strength: at this stage, we strictly follow the preparation of the next step which is the writing of the authentic act.

To do this, we do not hesitate to contact the Title Company directly to ensure the accuracy of the elements.

3 - Warranty Deed and Balance Payment - Closing

In the United States, the real estate buying process is quick and easy. The average time between an agreement and the final act is about three weeks.

Moreover, it is not necessary, as a buyer, to be present physically or to be represented at the signing of the deed.

Like for the agreement, the Broker sends you by mail a new document to sign and return, with a detailed encrypted statement and instructions necessary for a telegraphic bank transfer to the account of the Title Company - purchase price and registration fees.

Once the payment has been processed, you will receive an official deed of title, Warranty Deed, within approximately three months, from the Title Company.

Our strength: we supervise this step and assist you, if necessary, in the procedures of international bank transfers carried out by your bank.

4 - Signature of a rental management mandate with a local manager - Property Manager

The manager selects the rental records (entry / exit of tenants), collects rents for your account, edits and sends you a management statement, supervises the maintenance of the property, and the tax return through an accountant in the United States.

Our strength: during our travels in the United States, we meet the rental managers who inform us of the good progress of the rental of your property.