The team

"The art of success is knowing how to surround yourself with the best"

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

L'équipe de vente USFORUS au complet
Vue intérieure des locaux USFORUS à Marseille Vue de la salle de réunion USFORUS à Marseille

Good teams generally have strong connections and know how to use the potential of each others. U.S for US has trained its team on this model. Having real pleasure to work together is essential.

The professional complementarity of its associates from the world of finance, insurance, real estate, legal and wealth management, is the DNA of this development at the service of savvy investors.

"American adventure started three years ago and together, we decided to go to the United States to analyze this new source of investment. The idea of ​​exploring the American market comes from our curiosity, our “savoir-faire”, to expand the global heritage service that we offer to our customers."

The qualities that define this team are not only the performance but common values, based on listening to customers, mutual respect, probity and well-defined objectives for tangible results. Cohesion and motivation are for sure the keys of the success of U.S for US.

Solange Dahan - Executive Director U.S FOR US

THE P.O.V OF Solange Dahan

With an Heritage Management background, the personality of Solange Dahan has made her success for over 20 years in the profession. Endowed with what we could call the famous "sixth sense", she immediately feels opportunities, the good moment and the exceptional perspectives of this new placement “made in USA”. Always seeking for new ideas, new operational territories, she had a real crush for the city of Detroit and the State of Florida, to offer new investment solutions in the real estate sector. . This asset diversification proposal, outside the euro zone, makes it possible to immediately benefit from rental income and also from future growth prospects, all in a very favorable economic, social, legislative and tax context.