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practical questions about your U.S.A real estate investment

The purchase transaction is made by a telegraphic bank transfer made by your bank advisor, within your agency.
The transfer is made to the escrow account, at the US notary (= Title Company).
The only exit tax in the United States is the capital taxation, following the sale of real estate, at a single rate of 15%.
If you re-use the proceeds of this sale (including capital gains) for a new real estate purchase in the US, in the following year, this tax is deflayed until the next transfer.
At the end of the closing signature, the notary sends the title of property (= Warranty Deed).
As in France, the taxation of income in the United States uses a progressive scale of which the first threshold is 10%.
However, to the "classic" expenses deductible from property income, are added depreciations and abatements: the net property income is then zero, or even negative, thus avoiding any taxation on the declared income.
The advantage of an LLC is to protect you and your property from any litigation related to the exploitation of your property (s). Your civil liability is not engaged. The LLC also allows you to benefit from additional deductions (depreciation and abatement).
Just like the bank transfer made during the purchase of your property, a bank transfer will be operated by the Title Company of your LLC to your bank account in France.
Yes, as long as they are adults.
Most of the houses proposed are renovated and ready to receive a tenant.
Those already rented are compulsorily sold as is. They have been the subject of a mandatory municipal inspection which will justify the state of viability of the house.
If you want to resell, we can accompany you via our own network, in France and the United States.
As in France, rents are not guaranteed because their payments depend on the solvency and the good behavior of the tenant.
Hence the selective sorting done by the management company on the files of prospective tenants, before their integration.
  • Registering your LLC: about $ 250
  • Management fees: 10% of rents
  • Property taxes: between 1 and 2% of the value of the property, subject to re-indexing.
  • Accounting fees: approximately $ 350
  • Repairs and renovations: upon presentation of invoices