invest in baltimore

Baltimore, a historic and typically American port city
only 30 minutes from washington, for a real estate investment opportunity.

Northeastern United States city in the state of Maryland, it is 60km away from the capital, Washington DC.

A strategic geographic position

Baltimore is a hub between the northern and southern states, and has for this reason a dense and extensive network of public and private transports. It is a major trading node of the country's air, rail, road and maritime network.

Major economic assets

Baltimore is home to many companies featured in the Fortune 1000, including Constellation Energy, Legg Mason, T.Rowe Price, U.S. Food Service, Black & Decker, Mc Cormick & Company, W. R. Grace, Under Armor ... It has moved into the first quarter of major US cities that are creating jobs.
It is one of the leading cities in scientific research specialized in medicine and biotechnology. It is also famous for the quality of its educational system and its prestigious universities: John Hopkins University and University of Maryland.

Baltimore City Center - Maryland
Inland Port of Baltimore - Maryland

After the crisis, baltimore breathes new life

Baltimore is today in continuous economic growth, driven by an urban policy led by the reinforcement of its attractiveness for high-tech industries and the renovation of its infrastructures.

A budget of $ 10 billion has been allocated by public and private enterprises for the economic development of the city. Baltimore is indeed seen as a serious alternative for the establishment of new organizations because of its geographical proximity to Washington.

The renovation and expansion of the port is under process, with shipbuilding still an important sector, as well as maritime trade. We are currently witnessing several major projects: the deployment of new subway lines, Harbor Point, a phenomenal real estate project on the waterfront gathering offices, businesses and hotels, massive construction of new schools, transformation of old industrial buildings into modern apartment buildings, tourism is rising sharply, thanks to the urban renewal and the new attractions it has brought.

The arrival of a young and qualified population working in the high-tech sector, the explosion of construction or renovation projects, investors returning in number, "start-ups" who flock to enjoy this dynamism, Baltimore knows a strong rental demand.

This exceptional situation, unique to the city, combined with very attractive real estate acquisition prices compared to their real values, guarantees maximum profitability for investors.

Aerial view of Baltimore - Maryland