The United States remains by far the largest economic power in the world. Investing in the United States is like realizing this American dream that we all carry, somewhere, deep inside us. It is also for French investors looking for differentiating investments, a country that offers multiple opportunities without having to hold a US residence visa.

With an economic growth of more than 4%, an unemployment rate at its lowest in 50 years (under 4%) and household consumption rising sharply, the rebound in the US economy is impressive. Today, 40% of world trade is in US dollars. The metropolitan area of ​​Detroit and the state of Florida illustrates perfectly this economic miracle.

The American adventure in rental real estate in the USA, from France, it's right now and it's for you!

Economic context

After the 2008’s subprime crisis, Detroit, which was the symbol of prosperity and the American auto industry, went through the most serious crisis of its history: factories closures, declining population, housing market collapsing and debt nearly of 19 billion dollars ... In 2013, the city is declared bankrupt. With property prices divided by two or three depending on the region, Detroit is today a city in full reconstruction that attracts a new population of investors, start-ups and major US companies. The real estate rebound in the US market attracts many foreign capital, Chinese among many others, and the rush of investment funds (Colony Capital, Blackstone, Berkshire Hattaway ...) on thousands of goods.

For French investors looking for investment, an additional source of income with an add-value on resale, the States of Florida and Michigan (especially the city of Detroit), offer multiple opportunities without having to hold a US residence visa.

Invest in the usa without moving from your home

As U.S FOR US is not a Property Manager, we have pre-selected for you several French-speaking partners on site who guarantee your serenity. You can monitor the management of your property remotely, managed by professionals in charge of the establishment of your tenants, maintenance work, and the settlement on your behalf of the various rental charges and annual inspections.

The management contract, signed between the Property Manager and yourself, will be concomitant to the purchase of your property, so you will receive your management report monthly or quarterly, according to your choice.